Jazzie's Story



"My life has not been a walk in the park, but I've made do with the hand that I've been dealt."

Although Jasmine has no biological children of her own, she is no stranger to the hardships of being a single parent. Jasmine was born to a single, teenaged mother on July 4, 1988 in Kansas City, MO. Although her mother provided for their family as best as she could, growing up without her father played a major role in the decisions she made. From running away from home as a teenager, to drinking herself into oblivion during her early twenties, her life was spiraling out of control. As tough as things had gotten, God had other plans for Jasmine's life.

In November 2011, Jasmine became acquainted with her husband Rodney. Although he was charming and appeared to be nice, she was leery of getting into a relationship, just to be abandoned in the end. She trusted her heart and is grateful that she did. He gives her the love and support that she didn't think a man could give to her. They married in September 2015.

While dating Rodney, Jasmine started the journey of creating a new story for herself. She no longer wanted to be haunted by her past. On this journey, she found the unconditional love she had been searching for. She found it in God. She gave her life to Christ and has not looked back since.

She put her creative gifts to use and started her own balloon décor business in August 2015, Jazzie Occasions LLC. She loves to see her clients smile after she's completed the décor for their events, but her true desire is helping others.

This led to her hosting a community baby shower for single mothers and low-income families in May of 2017. She knew the challenges these families faced and wanted to bring awareness and support to this. The event was a success! The event provided over 60 families with essentials and resources they needed as they prepared for their new babies. Jasmine did not want this to be a one stop shop. She knew that the plight of single parents and low-income families was bigger than one event. Therefore, Jazzie Cares Foundation was born! In December 2017, Jasmine took that leap and hit the ground running.

She is committed to helping as many people as possible while on her journey. She knows all too well the heartache that comes with being part of a low-income family. But she also knows that we can get stuck in that moment. We have to keep pushing forward and create the life we want for ourselves and each other.